The Parks Havborview cottages are located on a bluff overlooking beautiful Lake Huron and the Port Austin Harbor of refuge. Directly in front of the four spacious cottages you will be able to access the all new harbor, memorial park and pavilion, beachfront and play structure. Within a short distance in the opposite direction, consider exploring Port Austin’s quaint downtown with its gift shops, restaurants, lounges, ice cream shops and soda fountain. For sightseeing and exercise, you can rent a kayak or bike, take a swim, walk the newly resurfaced break wall, play putt-putt or enjoy a round of golf at Bird Creek. In addition, every Saturday Port Austin is home to a highly successful and well attended Farmers Market with plenty of activity and things for the whole family to do. Our cottages offer spectacular views of sunrise and sunset and are large enough to sleep up to ten people with parking on site and pool access just a block and a half away. For more information about our rental units please contact us.

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